Welcome to the SacCT/SacCT 9.1 Self-Service tool

Self Service is now available only for the SacCT 9.1 system. If you are still activating courses in SacCT/WebCT for the Fall 2012 term, please submit a course request form.

Self-Service is available for use by any Sac State faculty to activate courses and enable student enrollments.

Self-Service is a two step process where you first create a course "shell" and then populate your course with students.

IMPORTANT FOR SACCT: You must actually open your SacCT course shells and add content for the course to be usable by students. If you allow access before you add content, students will receive a message that states "This section is not available yet."

When you open your new course from SacCT, you will have the opportunity to create a new blank course or copy content over from one of your existing courses.

IMPORTANT FOR SACCT 9.1: You have the option of adding content to your new course "shell" by copying content from an existing SacCT 9.1 course. You will have access to your Summer 2011, Fall 2011, and Spring 2012 courses in SacCT 9.1 prior to the start of the Fall 2012 term. If you need a course that falls outside of those terms, please submit a SacCT 9.1 special course request.

In general, we recommend that you populate your course with students only after you have reviewed and prepared enough course content so that the students can get started using your course. You can always come back to this page and enroll students in your course once you are ready for students to have access.

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